Egzamin Ósmoklasisty Grammar rocks

Grammar Girls

This week women and girls are in the centre of our attention. We talk about them, discuss gender differences, express our opinions. We broaden our horizons, enrich our vocabulary and practise grammar. You can also check your grammar knowledge in practice and paraphrase a couple of sentences. Girls have power and grammar doesn’t frighten them away.


Grammar rocks This and that Vocabulary with a twist

Make or do?

It’s not enough to do your best if you want to make progress. You also need to do some exercises to make a great impression on others. So why don’t you make a small effort now and congratulate yourself on doing a good job a moment later. You know practice makes perfect.


Vocabulary with a twist

Money, money, money

It’s not so easy to earn money. However, spending it may be a lot of fun. Wasting money may be a real nuisance. On the other hand, inheriting it is something we all dream about. And what about you? Do you know how to talk about money in English?


Egzamin Ósmoklasisty Vocabulary with a twist

Second helping, anyone?

Knowing food vocabulary is very useful not only during exams but also while travelling. There is nothing more exciting than tasting new dishes, spending time in restaurants and cafes and meeting new people. However, do you know enough words to order your favourite dishes, talk about food and enjoy exotic cuisines all over the world?


Egzamin Ósmoklasisty Grammar rocks

Plural nouns

Plural nouns seem to be quite easy. You just form them by adding an -s or -es ending to the singular forms. But in English if there is a rule, then you may be 100% sure that there are also exceptions to it. In this handout we deal only with the easier ones. Believe me, plural nouns can be a pain in the neck. However, the real challenge begins at higher levels. Right now, it’s just a little warm-up.


This and that Vocabulary with a twist


This is a short exercise to show you the beauty and different meanings of some English words. Read the two sentences in each case and think of one word which would complete both of them. Are you sure you know all the meanings of these words?


Grammar rocks

Present Simple

This is a game on Present Simple. You can play it on your own or challenge your friends, siblings or parents. Have fun and check who the real Present Simple champion in your family or in your class is.


This and that

Language functions

The last exercise for all 8th Graders this school year before the finals. This time you can practice language functions. All the best luck to all of you on Wednesday. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Grammar rocks

Simple Past – simple and easy

If you want to revise Simple Past tense and irregular verbs, this post is just for you. A couple of exercises will reveal if you mastered this tense or not. Good luck.


Grammar rocks

Mixed tenses

This game will let you revise all major tenses in English. Just check how much you remember. But be careful – not all sentences are as easy and simple as they seem. A good thing is you can play as often as you want.