Grammar rocks This and that Vocabulary with a twist

Make or do?

It’s not enough to do your best if you want to make progress. You also need to do some exercises to make a great impression on others. So why don’t you make a small effort now and congratulate yourself on doing a good job a moment later. You know practice makes perfect.


Grammar rocks

Christmas Phrasal Craze

Christmas is coming so it’s high time for a Christmas Phrasal Craze. Check whether phrasal verbs are a piece of cake for you or still quite a challenge. This game is definitely for the best of the best.

Vocabulary with a twist


Can you name different sounds in English? Sometimes it’s not as easy as it seems. Even in Polish it may be tricky sometimes. Anyway why don’t you give it a try and play a match up game?


Matura Vocabulary with a twist


A game to revise sport vocabulary for more advanced students. Excellent before your matura exam or just to check your vocabulary range. Have fun.