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Genially at work

Is it ok to mix business with pleasure, work with fun, learning with playing? Well, just have a quick look and see for yourself. In this game you’ll revise vocabulary and language functions connected with work. Have fun!

Egzamin Ósmoklasisty Grammar rocks

Plural nouns

Plural nouns seem to be quite easy. You just form them by adding an -s or -es ending to the singular forms. But in English if there is a rule, then you may be 100% sure that there are also exceptions to it. In this handout we deal only with the easier ones. Believe me, plural nouns can be a pain in the neck. However, the real challenge begins at higher levels. Right now, it’s just a little warm-up.

This and that Vocabulary with a twist


This is a short exercise to show you the beauty and different meanings of some English words. Read the two sentences in each case and think of one word which would complete both of them. Are you sure you know all the meanings of these words?