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Genially at work

Is it ok to mix business with pleasure, work with fun, learning with playing? Well, just have a quick look and see for yourself. In this game you’ll revise vocabulary and language functions connected with work. Have fun!


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Plural nouns

Plural nouns seem to be quite easy. You just form them by adding an -s or -es ending to the singular forms. But in English if there is a rule, then you may be 100% sure that there are also exceptions to it. In this handout we deal only with the easier ones. Believe me, plural nouns can be a pain in the neck. However, the real challenge begins at higher levels. Right now, it’s just a little warm-up.


Grammar rocks

Simple Past – simple and easy

If you want to revise Simple Past tense and irregular verbs, this post is just for you. A couple of exercises will reveal if you mastered this tense or not. Good luck.


Grammar rocks

Passive Voice

Passive Voice can be tricky sometimes so it’s a good idea to practise it a bit. Why don’t you just give it a try?