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Hi Students, I’m really happy you are here!

I hope you will find this blog a useful source of different tasks that will help you improve your English language skills. And I believe you will soon realize that learning a foreign language can be lots of fun.

So why don’t you just Drop Everything And Learn with me?

Egzamin Ósmoklasisty Grammar rocks

Grammar Girls

This week women and girls are in the centre of our attention. We talk about them, discuss gender differences, express our opinions. We broaden our horizons, enrich our vocabulary and practise grammar. You can also check your grammar knowledge in practice and paraphrase a couple of sentences. Girls have power and grammar doesn’t frighten them away.


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Girl power

Well, it’s a slightly different post because it’s Women’s Day today. Check how well you know some of the famous females and what their opinions are. Try to match the women to the quotations. Some of them may surprise you a little. Have fun and enjoy this beautiful day.

Grammar rocks This and that Vocabulary with a twist

Make or do?

It’s not enough to do your best if you want to make progress. You also need to do some exercises to make a great impression on others. So why don’t you make a small effort now and congratulate yourself on doing a good job a moment later. You know practice makes perfect.


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Public houses

Today’s game will move you to the British Public Houses. Can you think of a better place to spend your evening? However, remember that the quiz will be active only till March, 15th so you’d better hurry up.


Vocabulary with a twist

Money, money, money

It’s not so easy to earn money. However, spending it may be a lot of fun. Wasting money may be a real nuisance. On the other hand, inheriting it is something we all dream about. And what about you? Do you know how to talk about money in English?


This and that

US city nicknames

Probably everyone knows that New York is called 'The City that Never Sleeps’. However, do you know that other major cities in the US also have interesting nicknames? And there is often a story hidden behind each one of them.

Do you know which city’s elevation is exactly one mile and hence the place is called 'The Mile High City’? Or do you have any idea in which American city you can find many cream-coloured buildings?

Many cities actually have a couple of nicknames, like Memphis for example. Not only is it known as 'The Home of the Blues’ or 'The Birthplace of Rock’n’Roll’ but it also has a nickname which you can find in our quiz. I hope you will have a lot of fun trying to match the nicknames to the well-known American cities. And doing so, you will find some of the names so intriguing that you’ll make an effort to read more about the cities and why they are called so.


Egzamin Ósmoklasisty Vocabulary with a twist

Second helping, anyone?

Knowing food vocabulary is very useful not only during exams but also while travelling. There is nothing more exciting than tasting new dishes, spending time in restaurants and cafes and meeting new people. However, do you know enough words to order your favourite dishes, talk about food and enjoy exotic cuisines all over the world?


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The UK in a nutshell

How much do you know about the United Kingdom? If you like learning about culture and you consider yourself the UK freak, this short quiz is just for you. However, keep in mind that it’s not so easy.


Egzamin Ósmoklasisty Vocabulary with a twist

Mother Nature

This game will help you check whether your vocabulary connected with 'nature’ is good enough to stop learning:-) Have fun uncovering the picture and then answering a couple of reflective questions.


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Genially at work

Is it ok to mix business with pleasure, work with fun, learning with playing? Well, just have a quick look and see for yourself. In this game you’ll revise vocabulary and language functions connected with work. Have fun!