Women’s Rights!

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This lesson was created during The Women’s Strike when I cancelled all my lessons and at last had some time to make a lesson which I was thinking about for quite some time. It is definitely a conversational class which deals with the current situation in our country. It focuses mainly on the ways women were and are still perceived by men, by other women and by themselves. The video (the link of which is included) is quite strong so if you want to have this lesson with your teen students, you’d better skip it, especially if you teach in a public school. I tried to smuggle a little bit of grammar and vocabulary here, all wrapped in speaking activities. The topic is so universal you may use it whenever you want. You don’t have to talk about it right now (if you are fed up with all the discussions in social media). Women’s (or Human) Rights will always be a hot topic worth discussing.


8 thoughts on “Women’s Rights!”

  1. Rewelacyjna lekcja. Bardzo ważny temat. Już wiem ,co będę wałkować przez cały tydzień. Dziękuję!

  2. Irmina Urbaniak

    Super lekcja. Dziękuję. Niestety dla mojej teen uczennicy chyba jeszcze nie ta pora. Ale z doroslymi na pewno się sprawdzi

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