US city nicknames

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Probably everyone knows that New York is called 'The City that Never Sleeps’. However, do you know that other major cities in the US also have interesting nicknames? And there is often a story hidden behind each one of them.

Do you know which city’s elevation is exactly one mile and hence the place is called 'The Mile High City’? Or do you have any idea in which American city you can find many cream-coloured buildings?

Many cities actually have a couple of nicknames, like Memphis for example. Not only is it known as 'The Home of the Blues’ or 'The Birthplace of Rock’n’Roll’ but it also has a nickname which you can find in our quiz. I hope you will have a lot of fun trying to match the nicknames to the well-known American cities. And doing so, you will find some of the names so intriguing that you’ll make an effort to read more about the cities and why they are called so.

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