Grammar rocks Ready, steady, go - the power of warm-ups

Grammar warmers in pictures

I love using photos and pictures in class and I do it as often as possible – for everything: for revising vocabulary, speaking, writing, even for grammar. In this post you will find 2 presentations on grammar warm-ups. Not only will you revise some grammar points with your students but you will also make them use the particular structures in their creative speaking or writing. Each grammar piece starts with a photo and ‘Name as many… as possible’. Then you move on to further practice, more creative and personalised one. I guess the presentations can be suitable for different age groups and levels, both for standard and online lessons. I usually use the slides as warm-ups but sometimes they are the basis of my whole lessons. I’m sure you’ll come up with a lot of different ways of adapting them to your lessons. And I do hope you will like them too. Let me know, please.

For those of you who prefer PDF versions, here you are. However, I do hope you will respect copyrights:-)

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Na pewno zaczną. Małymi kroczkami. Moi miesiąc temu odpowiadali ledwo ‘Yes’, ‘No’, a najchętniej ‘I don’t know’. Ale ja im nie odpuszczam i już dzisiaj jest duuużo lepiej. Trzymam kciuki za Twoich 🤞

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